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Extraterrestrial Shop Arrived

9 Aug

New things happen at M&M Deco! A flying soucer arrived and it provides products never seen before at M&M Deco. You should definitely come and have a look. See the Aliens and try their cosy alien chair.

M&M Deco is well known for its well scripted products. Now we start to give away some of these scripts. If you are a builder yourself, have a look what we offer.

Just go to the inner courtyard and sit on the transport beam: M&M Deco Shop

Here are some pictures for a first impression:

Champagne for free for all!

4 Aug
Champagne Pyramide

Champagne Pyramide

Now we have plenty of Champagne for everybody! We build a nice champagne pyramide – get it for free!

Uh, ok, you have to do something for it. Find the brown shirt of the Homestuff Hunt. And just start to find all the other wonderful gifts in this hunt in the other shops. Look at the brown poster in front of our shop.

here the fun starts:

SLURL to the M&M Deco Shop

Yours Manuela and Miriam

Magic Mushrooms

19 Jul

What can be nicer than sitting in the hot summer in the shadow under a nice mushroom!
Mushroom? Yes, these are great and magic, so you can take a seat under them, on them and around them.

Each of the 4 newly created mushrooms contains another set of 7 nice animations. And above it a particle efect add even mor magical athmosphere.

Try them in our shop at SLURL

What do you like for Breakfast?

16 Jul

Initiated by the toaster for the Happy Home Hunt we started building a breakfast item series.

We ask you for help to know what you would like to see the most, so please take part in the poll!

All participants will get a nice breakfast set for free. Please add a short comment with your Second Life name or send a notecard inworld to Canis Canning.

Now that you are Mine!

16 Jul

Another nice Hunt is the “Now that you are Mine” hunt. Look for two wedding rings.

At M&M Deco you will find a nice tandem so you can take a bicycle tour together with your loved one. Who will get the front seat???

Tandem for the NYM-Hunt

Tandem for the NYM-Hunt

NYM Hunt Poster

Now that you are Mine

A toast on M&M Deco!

16 Jul

Looking for nice things for having a good breakfeast in Second Life? Find them now at M&M Deco!

In the Happy Home Hunt we provide a nice working toaster starting with white bread and ending in a honey toast on your plate.

M&M Deco Toaster at the Happy Home Hunt

Happy Home Hunt Poster

Take part in the Happy Home Hunt with many wonderful prices.

Magic Table rezzes chairs

11 Jul

Come and sit down, join us! There is alway a free place for you!

If there isn’t, then the table will rez a new chair and reorder the existing chairs. It’s magic!

This table is available in 4 wood textures. The initial and maximal number of chairs can be changes in the notecard inside the table. It comes with a matching table cloth. The chairs contain 10 different animations and scenes and gives out a book, a fork an a knife. The textures of the chair cushions and the table cloth can be saved i.e. by the supplied textures.

In World you can find us at M&M Deco Shop

Magic Table Poster

The magic table rezzes new chairs and removes them as needed

I Love You

11 Jul

We now startet a series of new decorated writings made in 3D letters. The letters are made of Mesh allowing especially smooth letters in upper and lower case. And the number of Prims is still acceptable – there are only 18 prims, where with normal objects would be 24 ! Each letter can be changed with 3 different colors/textures for front, rim and side. We provide them for a fair price of 95L$.

Ask us for your special needs!

In World you can find us at M&M Deco Shop

Video Tutorials to Change Objects

11 Jul

All our products are modify to encourage our customers to change them.

If you have no experience in doing that, then we have found some nice video tutorials for you on YouTube from NicolettaLefevre. Do not forget to “like” them 😉

Move an object

Change size of an Object

Change the colour of an object

Change the texture of an object

Have fun changing our products at M&M Deco!

Your Miriam (Canis) Canning

Let’s talk

9 Jul

We would like to hear more from you and we want to provide more and better News.

Therefore we are now present in the web 2.0. You can read and comment our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and look at our pictures on Flickr.

The meeting point for all our services is our new web site:


Naturally this website like all other web 2.0 services of us are also readable with your smart phone and tablet!

Or just take a walk to our shop and use the signs right from the entrance that also will guide you to our new information sources.