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*** NEW *** Folding Table

29 Jun

Inspired by the barbecue we added a folding table to our product line, so you have a nice place to eat your steak or just to chat with your friends.

The table comes together with a copyable folding chair, so you have an unlimited number of chairs. The chair contains 9 different moved poses with a sit manager like it is known from other modern products: no more poseballs are needed and changing position and rotation on the chair is a piece of cake.

The table and its chair is available in 4 different colors: teak, cherry, pale and timeworn.

As the cream on top we added a tablecloth matching the table. With the also added textures you can change the texture of the table cloth and the chair cushion.

  • Prims: table:2, chair:2, tablecloth:1
  • Price: 219L$
Folding table in teak

Folding table in teak

Folding Table in Cherry with the table coth.