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Scotty, lend me a coffee!

1 Aug Food Replicator

Dear friends of M&M Deco!

Future? That has been yesterday. Today you find it at M&M Deco!

Isn’t it a dream? Never again decalcify your coffee machine.´You don’t have to go into the restaurant to get the Steak as you want it (perchance). Never again cry in front of your empty fridge.

Now we have it: The Food-Replicator! One click and the preprogrammed molecules are assembled and the tasty foods and beverages occur, that we wanted so much.

But do you can afford this top technology? Thanks to the Past-and-Future-Hunt the answer is “YESSSSSYYYYY!!!”. You will get this unbelievable machine for nought and nada! Just look for a fairly large clock in the first room of our shop. So it is no problem for somebody intelligent like our customers. Still not finding it? Have a look at the hint at the hunt poster in front of the store.

Past and Future Hunt Poster

Past and Future Hunt Poster

We wish you success looking for the item and have a nice meal!

Here comes your space glider:

Yours Manuela and Canis