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Fruits and Ghosts

12 Oct

It got Autumn with the fruits of the fields and slowly the mist of the ghosts raises from the grounds and enters our world. Halloween is at the door.

First enjoy the autumn in our entrance hall, then a creepy trip down through our halloween cave.

Where is the Bird – a Product and a Thought

30 Aug
Cat in cage with feathers in mouth

Where is the Bbird???

We now release our 500th product on Marketplace: The cat in the cage

But I don’t know if I want to celebrate it. The marketplace destroyed parts of Second Life and it still continues to do so. Many people think it is easier to find something in Marketplace and I have to admit they are right. So many nice shops closed and their products are only available offline now.

The better way would have been to use Marketplace only as a catalogue and direct people back into the Second Life World. Now it is on you to keep Second Life alive. Search on Marketplace and then come out of that cage to the many beautiful shops instead of buying on Marketplace that eats up the in world shops. They are just 3 clicks away!

To encourage you to visit us I will provide the cat in the cage for 1L$ at the shop for 1 month.

Come and have a look at the M&M Deco Inworld shop in Second Life

Video Tutorials to Change Objects

11 Jul

All our products are modify to encourage our customers to change them.

If you have no experience in doing that, then we have found some nice video tutorials for you on YouTube from NicolettaLefevre. Do not forget to “like” them 😉

Move an object

Change size of an Object

Change the colour of an object

Change the texture of an object

Have fun changing our products at M&M Deco!

Your Miriam (Canis) Canning

Let’s talk

9 Jul

We would like to hear more from you and we want to provide more and better News.

Therefore we are now present in the web 2.0. You can read and comment our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and look at our pictures on Flickr.

The meeting point for all our services is our new web site:

Naturally this website like all other web 2.0 services of us are also readable with your smart phone and tablet!

Or just take a walk to our shop and use the signs right from the entrance that also will guide you to our new information sources.

Beautify Your Home With M&M Deco

29 Jun
M&M Deco Shop

M&M Deco Shop on Montreux July 2012

M&M Deco has been established by the Germans Manuela Schridde and Canis Canning in November 2007. It startet with selling christmas trees in several little rented shops.

In its eventful history it moved several times amd growed to a size of a quarter sim now. Its assortment contains more than 500 products that can be tested in world and that are available on the Second Life Marketplace. One goal of M&M Deco is to keep alive Second Life inworld, even so it does not pay nowadays.

The shop policy is:

  • good service
  • innovative products
  • good quality of form, textures, animations and scripts
  • modifiable to promote changes by the customer
  • low prim
  • fair prices

In World you can find us at  M&M Deco Shop

The shop on Marketplace is here: M&M Deco Marketplace