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Good Morning!

14 Sep

Now the first part of the breakfast set is available at the same time as the commercial version of the toaster, now in 7 colours.

The parts are not mere dekoration, but you can use it: Toast a bread, lay it on your plate and add a topping of your choice: jam, nut creme, hone, ham, cheese, …

Also see our coffe machines with maching colors!

Have fun using our breakfast set! You find it at: M&M Deco

To all that took part in our breakfast survey: Your thank you present is on the way!

7 Sep

Adjustable Campfire


On the quest for a nice campfire I found some that have been to large or to small, some that produced to much smoke or to few, some that where to bright or to dark.

It ended like it does most of the times: I made a campfire myself. Nearly everything is changeable up to the color of the light, the amount and height of the sparkles and, and, and, …

Make your campfire by menu like you want it to be!