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*** NEW *** Folding Table

29 Jun

Inspired by the barbecue we added a folding table to our product line, so you have a nice place to eat your steak or just to chat with your friends.

The table comes together with a copyable folding chair, so you have an unlimited number of chairs. The chair contains 9 different moved poses with a sit manager like it is known from other modern products: no more poseballs are needed and changing position and rotation on the chair is a piece of cake.

The table and its chair is available in 4 different colors: teak, cherry, pale and timeworn.

As the cream on top we added a tablecloth matching the table. With the also added textures you can change the texture of the table cloth and the chair cushion.

  • Prims: table:2, chair:2, tablecloth:1
  • Price: 219L$
Folding table in teak

Folding table in teak

Folding Table in Cherry with the table coth.

***NEW*** Real Barbecue

29 Jun

This Barbecue can be operated like a real one. You “sit” on it and put items on the barbecue. Your guests sit at a table, have a place mat in front of them and take from the grill whatever they like. He gets one of 5 yummy plates in front of him. Have a very good meal!

This is on of our uniquely scripted products, that you will not find anywhere else!

  • Prims: 16
  • Price: 239L$

Beautify Your Home With M&M Deco

29 Jun
M&M Deco Shop

M&M Deco Shop on Montreux July 2012

M&M Deco has been established by the Germans Manuela Schridde and Canis Canning in November 2007. It startet with selling christmas trees in several little rented shops.

In its eventful history it moved several times amd growed to a size of a quarter sim now. Its assortment contains more than 500 products that can be tested in world and that are available on the Second Life Marketplace. One goal of M&M Deco is to keep alive Second Life inworld, even so it does not pay nowadays.

The shop policy is:

  • good service
  • innovative products
  • good quality of form, textures, animations and scripts
  • modifiable to promote changes by the customer
  • low prim
  • fair prices

In World you can find us at  M&M Deco Shop

The shop on Marketplace is here: M&M Deco Marketplace