Fruits and Ghosts

12 Oct

It got Autumn with the fruits of the fields and slowly the mist of the ghosts raises from the grounds and enters our world. Halloween is at the door.

First enjoy the autumn in our entrance hall, then a creepy trip down through our halloween cave.


Good Morning!

14 Sep

Now the first part of the breakfast set is available at the same time as the commercial version of the toaster, now in 7 colours.

The parts are not mere dekoration, but you can use it: Toast a bread, lay it on your plate and add a topping of your choice: jam, nut creme, hone, ham, cheese, …

Also see our coffe machines with maching colors!

Have fun using our breakfast set! You find it at: M&M Deco

To all that took part in our breakfast survey: Your thank you present is on the way!

7 Sep

Adjustable Campfire


On the quest for a nice campfire I found some that have been to large or to small, some that produced to much smoke or to few, some that where to bright or to dark.

It ended like it does most of the times: I made a campfire myself. Nearly everything is changeable up to the color of the light, the amount and height of the sparkles and, and, and, …

Make your campfire by menu like you want it to be!

Where is the Bird – a Product and a Thought

30 Aug
Cat in cage with feathers in mouth

Where is the Bbird???

We now release our 500th product on Marketplace: The cat in the cage

But I don’t know if I want to celebrate it. The marketplace destroyed parts of Second Life and it still continues to do so. Many people think it is easier to find something in Marketplace and I have to admit they are right. So many nice shops closed and their products are only available offline now.

The better way would have been to use Marketplace only as a catalogue and direct people back into the Second Life World. Now it is on you to keep Second Life alive. Search on Marketplace and then come out of that cage to the many beautiful shops instead of buying on Marketplace that eats up the in world shops. They are just 3 clicks away!

To encourage you to visit us I will provide the cat in the cage for 1L$ at the shop for 1 month.

Come and have a look at the M&M Deco Inworld shop in Second Life

Extraterrestrial Shop Arrived

9 Aug

New things happen at M&M Deco! A flying soucer arrived and it provides products never seen before at M&M Deco. You should definitely come and have a look. See the Aliens and try their cosy alien chair.

M&M Deco is well known for its well scripted products. Now we start to give away some of these scripts. If you are a builder yourself, have a look what we offer.

Just go to the inner courtyard and sit on the transport beam: M&M Deco Shop

Here are some pictures for a first impression:

Champagne for free for all!

4 Aug
Champagne Pyramide

Champagne Pyramide

Now we have plenty of Champagne for everybody! We build a nice champagne pyramide – get it for free!

Uh, ok, you have to do something for it. Find the brown shirt of the Homestuff Hunt. And just start to find all the other wonderful gifts in this hunt in the other shops. Look at the brown poster in front of our shop.

here the fun starts:

SLURL to the M&M Deco Shop

Yours Manuela and Miriam

Scotty, lend me a coffee!

1 Aug Food Replicator

Dear friends of M&M Deco!

Future? That has been yesterday. Today you find it at M&M Deco!

Isn’t it a dream? Never again decalcify your coffee machine.´You don’t have to go into the restaurant to get the Steak as you want it (perchance). Never again cry in front of your empty fridge.

Now we have it: The Food-Replicator! One click and the preprogrammed molecules are assembled and the tasty foods and beverages occur, that we wanted so much.

But do you can afford this top technology? Thanks to the Past-and-Future-Hunt the answer is “YESSSSSYYYYY!!!”. You will get this unbelievable machine for nought and nada! Just look for a fairly large clock in the first room of our shop. So it is no problem for somebody intelligent like our customers. Still not finding it? Have a look at the hint at the hunt poster in front of the store.

Past and Future Hunt Poster

Past and Future Hunt Poster

We wish you success looking for the item and have a nice meal!

Here comes your space glider:

Yours Manuela and Canis

Magic Mushrooms

19 Jul

What can be nicer than sitting in the hot summer in the shadow under a nice mushroom!
Mushroom? Yes, these are great and magic, so you can take a seat under them, on them and around them.

Each of the 4 newly created mushrooms contains another set of 7 nice animations. And above it a particle efect add even mor magical athmosphere.

Try them in our shop at SLURL

What do you like for Breakfast?

16 Jul

Initiated by the toaster for the Happy Home Hunt we started building a breakfast item series.

We ask you for help to know what you would like to see the most, so please take part in the poll!

All participants will get a nice breakfast set for free. Please add a short comment with your Second Life name or send a notecard inworld to Canis Canning.

Now that you are Mine!

16 Jul

Another nice Hunt is the “Now that you are Mine” hunt. Look for two wedding rings.

At M&M Deco you will find a nice tandem so you can take a bicycle tour together with your loved one. Who will get the front seat???

Tandem for the NYM-Hunt

Tandem for the NYM-Hunt

NYM Hunt Poster

Now that you are Mine